OFC Scoop 5: Sept 2015

New Priorities 2015-16: Water, Coal and Kinder Morgan

The OFC groups have chosen the new priority issues that we’re going to be working with the BC government on in the next year to help make beautiful BC even better. We want to see a commitment to real protection of water for fish, US thermal coal in BC ports fully paying its way, and an independent, made-in-BC review of the Kinder Morgan proposal.

Outcomes 2014-15: One for three this year…

How did we do on the last round of priorities? Read on to see what did and didn’t happen to protect the Flathead, protect the Sacred Headwaters, and take a ‘big picture’ look at the impacts of LNG.

Climate Action 2.0: To Paris and beyond!

Have your say! B.C. is currently developing a new Climate Leadership Plan which needs to strengthen and build on policies already in place for B.C. to show leadership at international climate negotiations this December in Paris. Government has promised to reveal a draft plan prior to then, which will be open to input from the public.

With the current budget consultation period open right now (until October 15th) there is an opportunity to let the province know how the 2016 budget can support climate action. In particular, B.C. needs to thaw the carbon tax freeze and increase investment in climate solutions. Check out Pembina Institute’s ideas for what could be done.

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