April 27, 2017

The BC Green Party Platform can be found here. It covers climate action starting on page 61; assessments of these commitment are covered by several groups in the Climate Action section, below. Other environment-related commitments are spread throughout the section on “Toward a sustainable economy” starting on page 42 and cover:

  • A whole section on building a green economy, with several measures set out (p. 42-44)
  • Climate adaptation, including risk planning and emergency preparedness (p. 48)
  • Implement “resilience planning” for natural resource sectors affected by climate change (p. 50)
  • Reform compliance & enforcement (including eliminating conflict of interest for qualified professionals), establish a Natural Resources Board and Commissioner to establish sustainable resource extraction levels and conduct cumulative impacts assessments (p. 50)
  • Forests/forestry (p. 53) – see forests entry (below)
  • Water – review water allocation and licensing provisions to protect water quality and quantity, initiate province-wide, comprehensive watershed planning, improve water data gathering (p. 58)