April 27, 2017

The BC Liberal Platform can be found here. It covers climate action on page 39 (and a section on carbon tax rebates on page 17); assessments of these commitment are covered by several groups in the Climate Action section, below. Other environment-related commitments include:

  • Clean energy (p. 35) – restore transmission tie to Alberta (who is phasing out coal-fired electricity), add capacity to existing hydro facility, encourage biomass for energy generation, build Site C (see Site C entry, below)
  • Transit commitments (p. 68 & 69) – match federal investment for Metro Vancouver, work constructively with those mayors on the 10-year transportation vision (TransLink); match federal investment for BC Transit, assess E&N rail corridor, increase transit in Sea-to-Sky corridor
  • Invest in BC Parks Future Strategy (campsites, more park rangers); undertake Cathedral Grove master plan (p. 118)
  • $$ for compliance and enforcement of the (existing) Environmental Management Act, enhanced reforestation (p.118)
  • Include Great Bear Rainforest history in BC’s education curriculum (p. 118)
  • Protect BC from invasive species, in particular quagga and zebra mussels (p. 121)
  • Wildlife: enhanced caribou recovery program, direct hunting license feeds to “manage and grow habitat”, develop a plan to protect Steelhead Trout (p. 122)
  • Eliminate grizzly hunting in the Great Bear Rainforest (p. 122); see Grizzly entry (below) for comparison
  • Provide $$ for research into closed containment fish farming (p. 22)
  • Ban the use of neonicotinoid pesticides to protect honeybees (p. 22)