April 24, 2017

The BC NDP Platform can be found here. It covers climate action on page 55 (and a section on carbon tax rebates on page 17); assessments of these commitment are covered by several groups in the Climate Action section, below. Other environment-related commitments are on pages 58-65 and cover:

  • Grizzly bear trophy hunt – banning (p. 58) [see Grizzly entry (below)]
  • Species at risk – will bring in an endangered species law (p. 59)
  • Parks & camping – restoring funding, adding rangers & conservation officers, new campsites and booking prioritization for BC residents
  • Wildlife management – dedicated funding for wildlife and habitat, including all funds from hunting licenses and tags (p. 59)
  • Aquaculture & fishing – implementing Cohen Commission recommendations, siting considerations for fish farms, incentives to transition to closed containment (p. 60)
  • Environmental assessment – update EA legislation to respect First Nations legal rights, improve transparency, provide greater certainty, modernize land use planning including using the ecosystem-based management approach of the Great Bear Rainforest as a model (p. 61)
  • Fracking – appoint scientific panel to review practices and assess impacts, including on water and seismic activity (p.62) [see LNG & Fracking entry (below)]
  • Kinder Morgan – “will use every tool in toolbox to stop project from going ahead” (p. 62)
  • Water – will recognize the right to clean drinking water (via EA process), ensure high-volume water users pay fairly for that use, protect drinking water sources (p. 63)
  • Cosmetic pesticides – will ban (p. 63)
  • Power BC – a plan to “reduce electricity demand, generate new energy responsibly and sustainably, and create lasting good jobs in energy efficiency and generation.” [For position specific to Site C, see Site C entry (below).]
  • Transit investment commitments (p. 54)
  • LNG: NDP has set four conditions that LNG must meet to be approved (p. 78) [see LNG & fracking entry (below)]