April 24, 2017

BC NDP Platform commitments (p. 71-72):

  • expand markets for BC wood products domestically and internationally, including maximizing use of BC wood products in public building projects, expand domestic wood manufacturing capacity, ensure BC building materials meet global standards, and invest in innovation
  • work with forest industry to find ways to keep more logs in BC for processing
  • invest in reforestation
  • fight hard in the softwood lumber negotiations with the US
  • modernize land use planning including using the ecosystem-based management approach of the Great Bear Rainforest as a model (p. 61)

BC Lib Platform commitments (p. 23-25) :

  • fight hard in the softwood lumber negotiations with the US
  • expand trade in wood products with Asia
  • expand use of wood in tall buildings, diversify product range to non-traditional wood and wood-fibre uses
  • increase reforestation to help meet GHG reduction targets

BC Green Platform (p. 53-55) – there are several more specific points under the following headings:

  • Sustainably manage forests & rangeland legislation – including enacting a BC Forest And Range Ecology Act
  • Protect old growth forests from further logging – move to second growth, better forest inventory that accounts for climate change
  • Several commitments re curbing export of raw logs, enhancing value added manufacturing, investing in innovation around non-traditional wood and wood-fibre uses
  • Maintain & expand markets for BC forest products – international
  • Modernize forest tenures
  • Resilient forestry supporting First Nations & rural communities

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