Organizing for Change is a coalition of B.C. environmental organizations whose mission is to build public support for environmental initiatives.


Climate Target Accountability

BC has been setting and missing targets for greenhouse gas emissions reduction since they were established in 2007. Establishing a strong accountability framework would help BC break the habit. Read more

Next-Generation Environmental Assessment for BC

BC’s current process to reform its broken environmental assessment law is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to improve the province’s “rules of the game” to ensure future assessment decisions support sustainability, recognize Indigenous rights, and enhance public participation and trust. Read more

Endangered Species Protection

BC has the most endangered species in Canada, yet remains one of only two provinces without an endangered species law. Government committed to change that, and we’re going to ensure it meets a high bar for species protection. Read more

Safe Salmon

Published science and a federal inquiry conclude that open-net salmon farms are a risk to wild salmon and can cause their populations to decline. We call on the province to co-develop transition plans to remove salmon farms from areas where First Nations do not consent to them. Read more

Recovering Grizzlies in SW BC

Although the BC government recently ended the trophy hunt, grizzly bears in a large area in southwest BC still face an uncertain future. A few key actions taken now, while longer term recovery planning is underway, can finally end 150 years of grizzly habitat loss and persecution. Read more