Organizing for Change is a coalition of B.C. environmental organizations whose mission is to build public support for environmental initiatives.


Protecting Water for Fish

While we applauded the new Water Sustainability Act (2014), its success depends greatly on the regulations that give it effect. We are concerned that government may choose weaker policy measures instead of the strong regulations needed to ensure the health of our fish populations and aquatic ecosystems. Read more

Level the Playing Field for U.S. Coal Shipments

B.C. is fast becoming the main exporter of U.S. thermal coal to Asia, competing for port space with B.C.’s own steel-making coal. B.C. coal producers pay a carbon tax for greenhouse gases emitted in production and transportation to ports, as should U.S. coal to better reflect its real cost on our communities, our infrastructure and our climate. Read more

A Fair, Independent B.C. Review for Kinder Morgan

The on-going NEB assessment of the Kinder-Morgan pipeline proposal is fast losing whatever public confidence it may have had. Even the provincial government can’t get its questions answered. We need a made-in-B.C. review to ensure the ultimate decision truly reflects B.C.’s interests. Read more